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Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

To: All Colleagues in the Faculty of Humanities


With references to the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Innovation and Innovation and the University’s announcements on protective measures against the recent spread of COVID-19, academic staff members responsible for undergraduate programs are requested to comply to the followings, during semester 2/2020 (January-May 2021) or until further notice:


  1. All instructors offer online courses until the end of January 2021. Designs of the courses including course criteria, methods of assessments and evaluation of learning outcomes should be adjusted as appropriate. As an effective evidence to prevent complaints from online students, all instructors are asked to record their online classes during the online teaching period.

  2. All instructors or program chairs inform students registered for each course regarding #1 one week prior to the first day of the class. Communication channels (e.g., LINE; Facebook; Google Classroom; Email, etc.) between instructors and students should be clearly addressed.

  3. For any instructor who is in or has any contact to COVID-19 exposure areas, please immediately inform the Dean. In addition, if any student in your class is in or has any contact to COVID-19 exposure areas, please urgently inform the Dean.


Thank you for your kind cooperation. Stay safe.

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Welcome speech to 2020's new students

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B.A. in English

B.A. in Oriental Languages:

Chinese; Korean; and Japanese

B.A. in Thai

B.A. in Information Studies

B.A. in Children’s Literature

B.A. in Philosophy and Religion

B.Sc. in Psychology

B.Ed. in Thai

B.Ed. in English

B.A. in Language for Careers:

Language for Digital Business;

Language for Hospitality

Management (with minor subjects in

Chinese, Japanese, or German)


B.A. in Language for Communication,

Double majors:

English - German;

English - French;

English - Vietnamese;

English - Khmer

English - Mandarin Chinese (Coming Soon!)

B.A. in Thai Studies (Coming Soon!)


M.A. in English

M.A. in Linguistics

M.A. in Thai

M.A. in Information Studies

M.A. in Developmental Psychology

Ph.D. in Thai:

Thai Language and Literature

Thai as a Foreign Language


Ph.D. in Language and Global

Communication | Learn more about this program | Please refer to the program website at http://cgs.hu.swu.ac.th/international-prospective-students/


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